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About Us

Malta's biggest gaming community

About Us is a Maltese eSports event organizer. A team of passionate gamers ourselves, we love gaming and work hard to give gamers the opportunity to take their passion to the next level. We believe in the potential of our local talent and do our best to promote it. Our events are an opportunity for gamers to challenge one another competitively and win great prizes. Back in 2012 the team formed and decided to host its first ever eSports event. We decided to host an offline event where players could meet, socialise and also compete against each other. The response was more than we had hoped for and we received amazing feedback from the community. Since then we hosted various other events both online and offline and we are proud of what we achieved so far. The number of players and spectators attending our events continue to increase showing that we are making a difference. Our team works hard to bring professional events to the community, and we are delighted to see our work appreciated by the gamers.

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Our Brands

Malta eSports Festival

The Malta eSports Festival is’s annual celebration of eSports and gaming. A weekend packed with competitive tournaments in a variety of games on both PC and PS4 featuring a larger prize pool, more tournaments and fun than any other local eSports event

The Gamers Lounge

The Gamers Lounge is Malta’s most popular go-to place among gamers. Equipped with high-end gaming stations and top quality peripherals, The Gamers Lounge offers the best gaming experience anyone can wish for. Catered for both casual and competitive gamers, we offer the perfect place to enjoy a gaming session with friends or an intense training sessions

Malta Cyber Series

The Malta Cyber Series is a new series of eSports events organised by The main aim of these events is to keep the local eSports community active. Apart from our annual celebration of eSports in Malta, The Malta eSports Festival, The Malta Cyber Series act as training grounds to those players who are willing to take their hobby to the next level


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Partners & Testimonials

Thank you to all the partners that help us and the gamers that appreciate the work we do.